Veronica Valeri’s artistic path is one that follows down a route of perpetual change. Life has brought so many different experiences and the constant influences change her vision of reality, which in turn is reflected on the subjects treated by her. Her works vary with the use of different materials from: oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, plaster and hemp sculptures.

   The ‘musicians’ are all portraits of instrumentalist that she has met in person. These musicians have dedicated their lives with passion and sacrifice for their art in music. These works have been done with a realistic technique with emphasis to detail.

   The ‘Queens’ represent the feminine beauty that from Veronica’s vision has no time or place, western and eastern, of past and future. Here the techniques differ, from realism to almost ethnic in style.

   The ‘Buildings’, are paintings and sculptures which can not be placed in any known reality but never the less have their own reality, a way of existing and being the home of some humanity that has existed or will exist in some future.    The works that represent the classical art themes and archeology express what art can leave in time for future generations, a mixture of beauty and power, balance and human talent, of feminine beauty that changes with the ages but not in substance.  
   Abstractionism is also part of Veronica Valeri's artistic expression, moments of escape and pause from realism, external observation and representation. On the other hand the abstractionism is a need to visualize exclusively the mind in its inner part, without looking outside.

V E R O N I C A   V A L E R I

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