My name is Veronica Valeri and I am an Italian who has lived in the UK since 2012. I come from Guidonia (Rome), a place I left behind with the desire to expand my knowledge  to this world by moving to another Country. In Birmingham I found my new home and a new life with a partner and a cat.


   Visual art for me is the medium with which I am able to express myself and in which I have been comfortable since I was a child, indeed my study  choices went in the direction of art. In all these years of practice I have refined the techniques, but one thing has never changed, my characteristic to changing subject and medium; I never thought of locking myself up in a genre, I find this rather monotonous. Yes I like to develop a subject but at some point I have the need to leave it and explore something different. 

This is my approach to art.


    Often I work on commission basis, so my ability to be flexible allows me to accept a variety of different works. I have been tattooing for a few years, but at the present I tattoo just occasionally and only friends.


  The purpose of this website is to cronologically show the work I have produced so far, please take a look and if you like do not hesitate to contact me.