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Italian artist based in the UK.

1988 - Diploma at Art School "Liceo Artistico via di Ripetta", Rome.

1995 - Degree in Fine Arts at "Accademia di Belle Arti", Rome.



2023  - Group exhibition at Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors &

             Gravers, Bankside Gallery, London.


          -  Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2023 contestant #LAOTY


2022   - Solo exhibition at Genesis Cinema Gallery presented by Dark Yellow Dot,



           - Group exhibition at Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) Annual

             Exhibition 2022, Mall Galleries, London.


2021  - Group exhibition at Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors &

             Gravers 125th Anniversary Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.


          - Online Group Exhibition "The Society of Women Artists 160th Annual 

            Open Exhibition 2021.


         - Award winning  "Landscape Artist of the Year"at The Artist Lounge,

             Online Group Exhibition.          


         -  Online Group exhibition at Supporting The Arts.


         - Spring Midlands Art Fair at The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery,                 Birmingham.


2020 - Finalist for "The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2020", Online             Group  Exhibition because of the Covid Crisis.


2019 - Group Exhibition "The female gaze", Theatre Deli and Dark Yellow Dot, London.


         - Group Exhibition "OverDrawn" at Buster Mantis, presented by London             

           Drawing Group and Dark Yellow Dot, London.



2016 - Participation with original drawings of David Bowie to the charity event “Major                Toms” at The Club,Birmingham.

2014 - Group Exhibition “Herman Landi Experience” exposed to the event "Crack                        2014" at Forte Prenestino, Rome.


2013 - Solo Exhibition “Le Porte Scee”, Baccina Techne Gallery, Rome.


2012 - Group Exhibition “Itinerari d'Arte contemporanea a Roma”, Baccina Techne                     gallery, Roma.



2012 - Group Exhibition “Herman Landi Experience” exposed to the event "Crack"                         at  Forte Prenestino, Rome.


           Art videos with  DivineOfficine, group of roman videomakers, including:

2006 - “Nei secoli proteggi” (official selection at FestArte 2010 - Museo Macro, Rome).


2007 - “Se fuori è buio”.

2008 - “Lasciamoli lavorare”.

           “Balla coi lupi”.



2011 - Oil paintings for San Michele Arcangelo Church in Giardini di Corcolle,  Rome.              - Oil paintings for San Luigi Gonzaga Church in La Botte, Guidonia (Rome).               


2005 - Solo exhibition "Realtà parallele" at Le pain quotidian, Tondinelli  Gallery,                        Rome.


1997 - Second classified at competition "Tribute to Bonvi" in the event “Acquaviva                      nei fumetti” with the  illustration "Inchiostri per fumettisti".


1996 - With the pseudonym of Talia Shaw protagonist in the indipendent film "Hands

           off TV!!" by Stefano Latini, Orlando Siddi and Walter Mariucci (in competition                at Fantafestival in Rome in 2000).

1994 - Group exhibition in Cassino (Frosinone).


1990 - Group exhibition at Tivoli Thermae (Rome).

         - Group exhibition at "Sala della Cultura" in Guidonia (Rome).


Birmingham Canals 3

Birmingham Canals 3

Oil on canvas, 2021, 91x61cm.

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